Vancouver Style Reference Tools

Some great videos ..

Easy referencing with Mendeley Reference Manager. Vancouver style!!

Mendeley Tutorial: Reference Manager - 5 Min Demo

How to use Mendeley to manage references, citations, and PDFs like an advanced user

Using other citation tools

How to use Google Scholar to find articles | Simple vs Advanced searches, Alerts, and more!

Vancouver style for health/medical journals - works well with PUBMed and other databases using the browser app

In-Text-Citing and referencing in the Vancouver Style with Mendeley using the desktop app.

In-Text-Citing and referencing in the Vancouver Style

IMPROVING YOUR GRAMMAR, FLOW, LOGIC….app for your browser plugin (20% of your paper grade). 


Using Grammarly for Free to help you with clarity, flow, grammar.  USE IT! Sign up here


Why can't I simply Google it or use a blog as my resource for this assignment? What does the prof mean by "scholarly sources"?